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Health and Wellness coaching.

Provides Bio-individualized guidance and support through integrative nutrition. Coaching sessions, meal planning, grocery shopping/delivery, cooking tutorials.

For those looking for a healthier/balanced lifestyle and nutritional guidance and support.

Helping people reconnect with their authentic bio-individual needs.

Supporting clients in finding a sustainable balanced lifestyle to improve and optimize overall health. Offering support as well as convenient methods/tools to achieve personal health/fitness goals.

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Meet your Integrative
Nutrition Coach

Kacie Boblitt

A native Houstonian, is a Los Angeles based Health and Wellness Coach with a focus in bio-individuality and integrative nutrition. Guided by 10+ years of experience as a professional dancer in New York City, Kacie is inspired and motivated by the body’s ability to support and heal itself when given the proper attention- through nutritious whole foods, daily movement, ample rest, and a peaceful mind and heart.

Kacie believes that living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is for EVERYONE, however it’s important to understand that this means something different for everyone.

Health is complex and multi-dimensional, and with all of these variables, it’s impossible that all of our needs will be the same. After all, we are all INDIVIDUALS and therefore have unique requirements to feel like our best selves.

In her health coaching practice, Kacie offers support to her clients through the integration of “Primary Food” and “Secondary Food”.

Primary food

refers to the things that nourish us off the plate. We need much more than just a nutritious diet to thrive. Primary food brings awareness to the full spectrum of health; including relationships, joy, spirituality, creativity, career, home environment, and social life- all things that can either positively or negatively affect overall wellness. We can eat all of the kale and broccoli in the world, but if our primary food needs are ignored, our body will simply not absorb nutrition or function in an optimal way.

Secondary food

refers to the food on our plate! In collaboration with her clients, Kacie supports discovering the foods that make you thrive as a unique individual. She factors in lifestyle, food/flavor preferences, physical activity level, and individual health goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, eliminate processed foods, or simply rediscover a healthy relationship with food, Kacie offers support and guidance every step of the way.

“As a life-long foodie, I have developed many recipes over the years that simultaneously offer adequate and clean energy to support my demanding lifestyle AND include the flavors and foods I love. The truth is, I couldn’t keep up with the NY dance hustle without proper nutrition, but I love a variety of delicious foods and sometimes the right choice for my overall well-being means choosing the seemingly “unhealthy” choice. But it’s all about balance. I’m a firm believer in indulging in the things that bring you joy, listening to your body, and most importantly maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and food.
Together, we’ll shed the tired, main-stream notions of what is “healthy,” and instead figure out what it means for you as an individual. There is no failure; only opportunities to grow and connect with our most authentic (and healthiest!) selves.”

Kacie Boblett
821A Frostwood Dr,
Houston, Tx, 77024
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