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Our mission is to share our knowledge with our clients and everyone else that is tired of the normal way of seeing fitness.

We are not your typical trainers,

we take structure and anatomy into consideration when we are training our clients. The goal is to create people that are better aware of their bodies while at the same time giving them the results that they want.

We work with all types of clients.

From athletes, moms, dads, office workers, that are from 10-years-old to 80-years-old and everything in between. Some clients come because they have been in pain and no one has been able to help them out or just seeking knowledge to understand why they cannot do something.

A majority of the clients come seeking us because they have been to other trainers and have not gotten the results they wanted.

Start training with us

our methodology allows for balance.

We always understood that with each client came the huge responsibility of someone's health. Today's lifestyle for most people causes them to be in overdrive all the time. There is no sense in balance so therefore in a workout there was no need to send people into more of an overdrive. With that being said, we started diving deeper into different methodologies that provide just that. The balance between working extremely hard all the time and not working hard enough. Allowing for proper adaptation and sustainable lifelong results.

Fabian salazar

Owner/Master Trainer Fabian started his personal training back in Bally's in 2010. For Fabian fitness has always been a personal journey which is continuing to evolve. He is FR, FRC, and RFT certified. These special certifications revolve around the common theme mobility which is something everyone from athletes to older folk need in their program. Fabian enjoys the long-lasting changes that can be made in someone's life through fitness.

Ivan salazar

Owner/Master Trainer He started his personal training career back in 2013. For Ivan fitness is about feeling good and being in tune with your body. He is FRC, RFT and RYT200 certified and PRI experienced. These special certifications revolve around the common theme of mobility which is something everyone from athletes to older folk need in their program.

Joshua Balogun

Joshua is a certified personal trainer that helps people who need a flexible routine to get fit and healthy. Servicing 3000+ training sessions. 

He offers personal training and recovery services and has been training since 2016 with a certification through NASM. He has experience dealing with weight loss, strength training, and corrective exercise.

"This place is amazing! Customized workouts by educated and professional trainers in a super clean facility!!! I just did my first session and it was a great experience. If you're looking to start somewhere or elevate your routine look no further."


"Amazing place to workout and learn about real fitness and health. The vibe is amazing, clean facility and very helpful staff."


821A Frostwood Dr,
Houston, Tx, 77024
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