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We want to create a positive environment for people to grow together by holding each other accountable on the goals that are being set.

Creating a small community while you train.

We take structure and anatomy into consideration when we are training our clients. The goal is to create people that are better aware of their bodies while at the same time giving them the results that they want.

Affordable, Functional, and educational training.

We strive to provide out semi-private clients with affordable training that is well-rounded. We want our clients to work hard and understand the movements that they are learning. Our focus is to provide a functional program that teaches you the skills to be your best and doesn’t break the bank.

Meet your trainer

Joshua Balogun

I enjoy bringing the best out of people during our workouts. My goal is to help people who want to transform feel good and look good at the same time.

I am a certified personal trainer and I help people who need a flexible routine to get fit and healthy. Servicing 3000+ training sessions.

I offer personal training and recovery services. I’ve been training since 2016 with a certification through NASM. I have experience dealing with weight loss, strength training, and corrective exercise.

Semi-private Training
(up to 4 people)

Get fit


  • 4 training session monthly.
  • 1x a week.

Get Strong


  • 8 training session monthly.
  • 2x a week.

Get healthy


  • 12 training session monthly.
  • 3x a week.

Josh is the best! I followed him from his previous employer. He always finds a way to work me in to his schedule, and I have learned so mcuch. His knowlesdge of muscle movements is beyond impressive. I’ve been working with him for over two years.

Josh has really helped me change my habits these past 3 months that i’ve been with him. From our very first session, I could tell not only does he love what he does, but he also really cares about his clients overall well-being. He has taught me that the physical doesnt matter if the mental is being neglected. I have learned so much, not only about working out, but about my daily patterns, eating patterns, sleeping patters, etc. He is challenging, but it is worth the hard-work & sweat. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. I love it here & recommend him to ayone looking for a PHENOMENAL trainer!

Josh always had a smile on his face and an energetic attitude to get and keep me motivated, especially on the days when I just wasn’t feeling like moving ( which was most days, to be honest ). Family and friends all commented on the change in my shape. But I think the biggest change was my attitude towards fitness. Josh always encouraged healthy living through a variety of healthy challenges” to keep us striving to improve our overall lifestyle.

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